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We are a licensed and insured Bay Area local home remodeling company.


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During the remodeling process, a project manager will be available at all times.

General Contractors-Licensed and Insured

We are a local Oakland CA licensed and general contractor. 

As a general contractor we offer many types of services including residential remodeling, renovations, home additions and new construction. 

We coordinate all aspects of the project including design, architecture, engineering and the construction itself. 

Unlike a typical general contractor we are a design build contractor which means that we have in house experts for all stages of the construction project including architects, designers, engineers, builders.

In addition, when taking on a project we pull permits, schedule inspections (if needed) and work closely with the city to complete the project successfully and to meet the city codes and standard.  

Home Additions and New construction

As an experienced general contractor company we can say that home addition and new construction require much more than just a license.
Our company has the manpower that is required to meet deadlines and ensure a healthy work progress.

We are extremely organized and carefully plan the project timeline and its stages. 

In addition to all that, we have in house architects designers, engineers and builders that all answer to one project manager. This creates a very smooth work process. 

When working with us you will receive daily updates and have a dedicated project manager to work with you, throughout the entire project.


Remodeling services

As a general contractor we offer all type of remodeling services including:

  1. Full home remodeling,
  2. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  3. Deck Installation.
  4. Floor installation and more. 

Our services include assigning a dedicated project manager to answer all our customer needs, provide updates, answer questions, coordinate the teams on site and oversee the entire project.  

In addition we assign a designer to work and assist with the design stage, including shopping for materials.  

Garage and ADU Conversions

If you are considering on adding an ADU to your property, our professional team are here to help.
Our ADU conversion team will guide you through the entire construction process, including the planning and design stage, while meeting all construction laws and codes.
In addition we ensure that all plans, permits and inspections are approved by the city.


What Do I Need to Know Before Meeting with a General Contractor?

It is essential you understand what to expect even before your first meeting with your home remodeling contractor. A little research will start you off on the right foot.  It is important that you ensure the contractor:

  • Is licensed within your county
  • Is insured and bonded as necessary
  • Has an active workers’ compensation insurance policy

Finding this information is simple. Just visit the website for the California Contractors State License Board and enter the contractor’s license number. That way, you’ll know if all of their requirements are current or if any need renewal.

You can review our contractor license information on the California State licensing website

What Work Can a General Contractor Do?

A licensed (B12) general building contractor, is classified and permitted to complete the following types of work

  • Remodeling
  • Renovations
  • New construction
  • Home additions
  • Foundation
  • Carpentry
  • Roofing

The California Contractors State License Board website can provide you with multiple resources on the types of work contractors with specific qualifications can do.

How Do I Find a Reliable General Contractor?

  • Ask friends and family: There is no better recommendation than one from someone you know and trust. You can learn all the details of their experience and even see the work with your own eyes.
  • Check online and in local directories: Large search engines like Google, Yelp, and even Facebook can give you a good starting place with lots of options. They also filter out reviews that they consider to be unreliable. 
  • Read lots of reviews: Not only will this give you an idea of the quality of work, but it will help you eliminate contractors who have missed the mark or let customers down. Also, if you can, check out reviews for a specific contractor on multiple platforms to make sure they are consistent. 

I Found A Few General Contractors Now What?

Here are some very positive signs for a good general contractor that you can look for once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of promising choices:

Look at samples of work:

Check with the company if its possible to  arrange a short phone call between you and one of their past customers. 

Visit a jobsite or a recent completed project:

Check if the general contractor is willing to take you for an onsite visit at a recently completed project. This can show you their work in detail and you may even get lucky and meet their customer in person. If so, don’t be afraid to ask them to share their experience.

These are two very promising signs that the contractor that your are considering hiring, is reliable and professional.

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