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Oakland design Build Contractors

Element Home Remodeling Oakland is a local design build contractor company. This means that our in house teams provide all services  required to complete any type of remodeling project, including the more complex ones, such as home additions and new construction. Our design build services include architecture & engineering, interior design, construction and permit & plan approval with the city\county.  

We create a custom package and assign a design build team, which includes the different trades and professionals needed to start and complete your construction/remodeling project successfully.

We then create the project timeline and divide it into different stages. A different professional team member is assigned to each stage. The whole project is supervised by the project manager, whose role is to coordinate the different team members, provide you with updates and ensure a smooth process and experience. 

Design Build-Architecture & Engineering

As a design build contractor our in-house architects and engineers have over 15 years of experience in the architectural field.

We combine creativity together with problem solving. All within the framework of our project construction team.

Having efficiently created plans can save money, which can then be spent on getting better quality materials etc.

For this reason, your design build team of architects, builders, engineers and designers work together  to ensure that each trade compliments the other in the most effective way.


Design build- Interior Design

Our design build teams consists of 1-2 in house designers (depending on the size of the project). 

  1. Our designers will meet with you, go over your design ideas and provide their professional input, while incorporating your personal style and vision  
  2. Once you have decided on an overall design theme, our designers will accompany you for material shopping at a local showroom (This is not the stage in which you order the materials).
  3. Before any construction work begins, our designers will create a detailed 3D design rendering, which includes your chosen materials. This provides a preview of the final results of your project.
  4. After viewing the rendering, and making any adjustments you may require, the design will be submitted for approval. Once this is obtained, the materials can be ordered.

Permits & City Requirements

Design build projects normally require obtaining permits in addition to getting architectural and engineering plans approved.

When hiring our services, the design build team will make sure that the plans meet city/county codes and regulations. 

Our office team will then handle all the paperwork required to get the plans approved and to obtain permits. 

We will also handle any additional requests that the city may require for your project such as geotechnical reports, special inspections etc..


Design Build-Remodeling/Construction

Once all the above stages are approved and completed, The construction work can begin.

Your remodeling/construction team will arrive Mon-Fri (if your schedule allows it) and work on your project. 

Your project manager together with the team members will provide regular updates and be available to you 24/7. 

  • Construction/remodeling work will be done according to design and plans.
  • Work will be done to meet customers standards and satisfaction
  • Contractor will schedule and pass all required inspections including any special inspections (if needed)  
  • Jobsite shall remain as clean as possible 
  • Contractor will schedule a cleaning crew once project is completed 

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