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Serving The Entire Bay Area!


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We offer free on-site consultations and estimates with our professional team.

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During the remodeling process, a project manager will be available at all times.

Bathroom Remodeling and Design Services

Have you been thinking of having a bathroom remodel? Whether its changing the current bathroom layout, having a complete transformation, or just to make the space more functional, our expert Oakland bathroom remodeling and design team can assist with every aspect of the project, from the design to the remodeling.

Each project begins with a free on-site consultation. We will examine the current layout, explore ideas, and discuss your budget and timeline. We will then create a design and a construction package specifically for you. The package will include everything necessary to successfully complete your bathroom remodeling project.

Design-Build Contracting — Everything You Need Under One Roof

As a design-build contracting company, Element Home Remodeling provides a full range of services under one roof. Our remodeling services include design, architecture, and engineering, if required. Our teams work together throughout each project, communicating their needs and working toward the same goal. Having the design, architectural and construction trades work side by side ensures a smoother remodeling project.

Our team handles every part of the project from the big picture to the details, like pulling permits and getting the necessary approvals from the city or county. We include our customers in the process, ensuring that we bring their concepts and ideas to life. We stay true to their vision while completing projects on time and within budget


On Time & On Budget Remodeling

Our Oakland bathroom remodeling team has a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. Our design and construction teams are detail-oriented, ensuring that each project is properly planned and executed the first time around. This attention to detail allows us to create accurate quotes and timelines 

Once the project begins a our remodeling team will work Monday through Friday until the project is complete, as long as your schedule allows. The team will also provide customers with updates, so they can stay abreast of the progress. Maintaining open lines of communication ensures transparency and is yet another reason our customers feel comfortable and confident when they hire us.

Dedicated Project Manager

Customer service is a priority for Element Home Remodeling. Because of that, communication and transparency are built into our foundation. We will assign a dedicated project manager to your account as soon as you schedule your obligation-free on-site meeting. That same project manager will stay on your project until completion. By having one dedicated project manager per project, we ensure that the point person understands every aspect of the bathroom remodel.

The project manager will manage the professionals at the jobsite and provide you with daily updates. He will also be available to answer your questions during the project and take care of any concerns.

You never know when a question might arise, which is why your project manager will be available 24/7 during the project. He is tasked with ensuring your project runs smoothly and that you are pleased with the entire process, not just the finished project. If you have any issues or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your project manager.


What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

When you hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, you want to partner with someone you trust. Whether you are meeting with a project manager from Element Home Remodeling or someone else, we encourage you to validate the following information. This will help you find the best bathroom remodeling contractor for the job.

  1. Check the contractor’s license number.
  2. Make sure the contractor has the right license class (B12).
  3. Check the license status, to ensure it is active.
  4. Make sure the contractor is bonded.
  5. Find out if the contractor has an active worker’s compensation policy.

This information is easy to find. Start by getting the license number from the contractor’s website. Then, visit the Contractors State License Board website. Use the license number to perform a license search. Then, you can validate the information.

What does Element Home Remodeling Oakland include in remodeling estimates?

Our bathroom remodeling estimates include the labor and rough materials required for the project. They also include design services, engineering and architectural plans, if applicable.

Our bids do not include finish materials. Instead, we allow our customers to choose their preferred finish materials. This enables the customer to control  the budget and quality of the materials. In addition, it ensures that the finished product matches their personal style. Our designers will assist in choosing and shopping for your bathroom materials and fixtures.

Does my bathroom remodeling project require a permit?

We will have to pull a permit if your project includes electrical or plumbing work, changes to the bathroom’s layout, or relocating fixtures, such as the bathtub or toilet. We will also need a permit to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower.

Our design-construction company will handle the permits for you. We will obtain the permit, submit plans, and schedule the inspection. We will also fill out any additional paperwork the city or county requires.

Projects that include replacing the finishing materials only are classified as a “Renovation Cosmetic Change.” and will not require a permit.

How much does a permit cost

Permit fees are based on the scope of the project. They generally cost between $800–$1700.

How long does a bathroom remodeling project typically take?

Depending on the scope of the project, construction can last for one to three weeks. If the project involves obtaining a permit it will also require scheduling and passing inspections with the city or county inspector. The inspector’s availability can impact the project’s timeline.

When can Element Home Remodeling Oakland start the project?

We can start the construction work on your project 1–2 weeks after signing the contract or 1–2 weeks after receiving the work permit, if applicable.

Can I stay at home while you remodel my bathroom?

Yes. Most of our clients choose to remain in the home while we perform the remodeling work. We do everything in our power to accommodate your needs. For example: if you are having two bathrooms remodeled. If you prefer, we can finish one before starting on the other, that way you will always have access to a working bathroom

We do our best to ensure that you and your family feel comfortable throughout the remodeling work.   

How does the remodeling team communicate with customers?

One of our popular ways to communicate is via a group messaging system that includes the project manager, team members, and office staff. The system is available to you 24/7 from the moment you sign the work contract until the project is completed. You can ask questions and request updates inside of the application, and the appropriate team member will respond quickly. The project manager will visit the property each day, so he will always be able to provide a current update. Open communication is key to a successful project, so feel free to communicate as often as you wish.

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