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Home Addition Contractors

At Element Home Remodeling Oakland we specialize in home additions and provide full service including architecture, engineering, design and construction. 

When taking on a home addition project we assign:

  • A project manager – Your main point of contact and the one to manage all the other professionals listed below.  
  • An architect and an engineer – Create up to code creative plans
  • 1-2 designers – Assist in designing the room including material shopping and 3D design rendering. 
  • 4-12 construction team members –  Perform the construction work according to plan and meet the customer`s satisfaction 

Having all the above trades as part of one team (optional) rather than hiring each professional individually, helps maintain efficient team work, keep within the budget and meet the project`s deadline. 

Home addition- Architecture & Engineering

Our experienced architects and engineers will help design your home addition plans and work with you on achieving your desired home. They will provide creative and problem solving solutions, while following city codes and requirements. 

The architecture and engineering stage is a major part in a home addition project. The entire construction work will be based on these plans.  
For this reason, working with the right architect can save a lot of money which can be spent on other parts of the project, such as design, materials etc.

Designing a Home Addition

Your home addition team will include 1-2 designers who will work with you on designing the space. This stage will include focusing on choosing colors, materials, and fixtures such as: tiles, cabinets, vanities mirrors etc. 

This stage will also include finish material shopping with your designers. 

Once the design as been approved and material have been chosen (but not yet ordered),  your designers will create a 3D Design rendering. This will be based on the architectural drawings, and includes all your chosen elements, to enable you to get a preview of the final results. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to make changes before any construction begins or orders have been placed. Once approved your designers will assist in placing the order for the materials.

Permits & City Requirements

As part of our home addition services, your team will submit all the required paper work requested by the city, in order to start and finish your project up to code and meet city/ county requirements. 

This will include:

1.Submitting architectural plans and getting them approved 

2. Applying for permits 

3 Scheduling and passing inspections throughout the project.

We will also handle any special request if the city requires, such as special inspections, geo technical reports etc.. 

Once plans and permits are approved and your design stage is complete, the construction stage can begin.


Home Addition-construction and remodeling

Once all the above stages are completed, the construction work on your home addition project can begin  

At this stage, our home addition team will arrive at the construction site on a daily basis, Mon-Fri in order to ensure a healthy work progress. 

Your project manager and the team members will be available to you at all times. They will provide regular updates and answer any questions you may have. 

During the construction, all the different professionals (architects, designers, engineers and remodeling team) are in full communication with each other, to maintain efficient and productive co-ordination. 

During construction: 

At the early stages of the project we open a group messaging system in which you and all  all your team member take part. This  ensures you have have full access to all the professionals involved in your project. 

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