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How To Plan Your Next Home Renovation Project

The coolest thing about owning a home is when you aren’t happy with the way something looks. You have all the power to change it! You can honestly change almost anything you want in a home with a renovation project. But even the thought of home renovation plans can make some people nervous, so how exactly do you plan for one in your home?

There are several ways you can go about planning your next home renovation project, but it is essential that you consider several factors before you begin. You need to consider the room you will be renovating, how much it will cost, as well as when you will begin the renovations.

If this seems like a lot, don’t worry, keep reading, and you will see exactly how you can go about planning your next home renovation. Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, or even adding a new addition, this article covers all the best ways to plan for your next home renovation project!

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How To Start To Plan Your Next Home Renovation Project

If you are looking around your living room or kitchen and just don’t like the way it looks, then you can decide to renovate! And deciding that you are going to change something about your home is the first step to planning your home renovation project.

Of course, this first step is the easiest, and after you decide you want to change something, your work will be cut out for you from this point forward, as there is a lot of information you need to research and prepare when it comes to planning a home renovation project.  Below are some helpful steps to get you started on creating your renovation plan.


Know What You Want The Finished Project To Look Like

This is probably everyone’s favorite part of a home improvement plan. After all, it means you get to spend hours scouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas of what you want your room to look like when it is completed. It is always a good idea to save the links to your favorite ideas.

Once you have an idea in your mind, it’s time to create a sketch of what you want the room to look like when you are done. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy at this stage, but it needs to be something more than a few scribbles on a napkin. Make sure that what you draw can be understood by someone else using word labels if necessary.

After you have your rough sketch, make a list of some of the things you will need to buy or acquire to make the sketch complete. For example, if you are redoing the kitchen and planning to keep your fridge—but planning to buy a new oven, this needs to be noted on your plan.


Measure The Space

If you’ve never measured the space you plan to renovate, now is the time to do so! You can dream all you want, but you can’t make your dreams a reality without knowing what will fit into space.

You don’t have to actually use these measurements for anything. Just write them down somewhere so you can use them while you are shopping for ideas. This way, you won’t find the kitchen countertop of your dreams and then come back later to find there is no way it would ever fit in your tiny kitchen!


Set A Budget

The next step is everyone’s least favorite. You need to decide on a budget for your project. Besides just factoring in the appliances and decorations you want to buy, you also need to consider the cost of raw materials, labor, and any permits you may need to attain from the city or landlord for your renovation.

In addition to planned costs, you need to have some money set aside for unplanned costs. So after you calculate the amount you will spend for the above, you should add another 10% to the top to account for any unforeseen problems that may arise.

This should give you a rough idea of the amount of money you will need to save, or finance, for the project. And if you don’t have that amount sitting around in your bank account, you should make plans to look into financing options for your project or estimate how long it will take you to save the money.

Because you aren’t a professional when it comes to renovation, there’s a chance your estimate could be completely off. This is why it is a good idea to get estimates from contracting or home improvement companies while you are making your budget, if possible. You’ll be needing this information to move forward with your project anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to work ahead.


Hire A Contractor

By now, you should have a clear drawn idea of what you want, as well as an inkling of what you want to spend. And it is officially time to hire a contractor to do the work for you.

You should always explore multiple contractors and home improvement companies. And you can’t just select a contractor based on the price they quote you. Yes, choosing one within your budget is important, but just because one is the cheapest doesn’t mean they are going to produce the best quality work.

When interviewing a contractor, you need to ask about things like their years of experience, their references, and how they accept and expect payment. Additionally, you should never hire anyone who doesn’t have the proper contracting license or one that isn’t covered by insurance. And if you live in a condo or apartment, these buildings often require contractors that have additional insurance.

One thing that should be noted when it comes to the price and payment schedule is that any reputable contractor will not ask for the full amount upfront. A deposit will be expected, but depending on the length of your project, they should allow you to pay as you go.

Sometimes you may need to hire more than one contractor. If this is the case, you need to discuss with them who needs to work on what and when. Write this down. This will help you when it comes to scheduling your renovation later.


Set A Timeline

While you were hiring your contractor, they likely gave you a time estimate along with the price estimate, and if they didn’t, now is the time to find out. If you want the work completed by a certain date, be sure that you mention this to your contractor when they give you the quote.

Next, you will want to find out the date that your contractor is able to start on the project. If you have more than one contractor, make sure that you know the timeline of when one will finish his work before you call the other one to schedule. It is always advised to allow a couple extra days between contractors in case unexpected problems pop up.

This may be the time that a contractor asks for a deposit. Thus this is the deadline for you to have your financing figured out. If you are still working on getting the money for your renovation project, you won’t be able to fully set up your timeline just yet.


Get Ready For Renovation

Once you have a date of when the renovation will start, you will need to get the space you are renovating ready. At a minimum, you will need to clean the space and clear it of clutter. Beyond that, what you will need to do will depend on how big your renovation project is.

If you are renovating your entire house, you need to decide if any part of your house will be livable during the renovation. And if so, if it will be comfortable to live there during the construction. If the answer to these questions is no, then you should also make alternate living arrangements for the time being.

For those just renovating a room or two, you should clear the room of all personal effects. The room should also be decently clean. If you are renovating the kitchen or another room with appliances, talk with the contractor if they should be moved or not. Planning on getting all new appliances? Then now is the time to dispose of the old ones.

If you’ve made it this far, then you are ready for your home renovation project. Let the constructing begin!

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Other Things To Consider

When it comes to renovating, even if you’ve got the big things covered, there are lots of small details that can pop up. And when you aren’t prepared for them, well, these little issues can quickly grow to be a serious problem. That is why it’s best to arrange some of the smaller details in advance as you make your renovation plan.


Is Your Project Structural?

Renovations differ widely in their intensity. And their importance as well. When it comes to fixing up your home, fix any structural problems first. This is because if your house has a major structural problem, it doesn’t make any sense to do a cosmetic renovation on something that could cause issues later.

For example, your kitchen may have an electrical issue that causes a circuit breaker to be easily overloaded. You need to fix this before you plan to redesign the kitchen and add nicer appliances. If you don’t fix the electrical problem now, it could continue to be a problem and could worsen with the new appliances.

A structural issue includes everything from issues with the roof and foundation to electrical problems and sewage issues.


Where Will You Put The Waste?

Construction projects, no matter how small, tend to produce a lot of waste. So where will you put it? Lots of garbage companies have policies about how much and what kind of waste you can put in your bins. You need to check these regulations and see what all you will be able to dispose of normally. Be aware you may have to do it over the course of a few pick-ups.

If you are planning an especially large remodel, then waiting for your weekly trash pick-up probably won’t cut it. You probably need to plan to order a dumpster or other type of large waste removal service to help you remove the debris from your property.

Ensure that you take special notice if you are disposing of appliances because sometimes certain companies will accept appliances as trash, others will not. Be prepared to have to drive your old appliances to the dump yourself if no company in your area will take them.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, planning a home renovation project is no easy feat. But if you approach your project with a plan with all the necessary information, it can make carrying out your home renovation project a breeze. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or a whole new house, start working on your home renovation plan today, and soon you will be living in the home you always imagined!

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