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5 Closet Design Trends You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love a bright, clean and spacious walk in closet?  Here in The Bay Area, walk in closets are almost getting as much attention as master bedroom remodeling projects as people tired of small, dark and cramped closets.

From built-in seating to customized lighting, the closet design trends of today mesh space optimization and storage with class and elegance. It just takes a little time and patience. Here are five modern closet design trends that can be completed on a budget, or maxed out for luxury, and can turn any closet into a beautiful and functional area of the home.

Make a Statement with Understated Colors

Wood and neutral colors have become a common trend for closet design. Whether they are stained or painted, dark woods and laminates are replacing the bright white closets of the past for a look of elegance and luxury. They can be complemented with wood tones on drawers, doors, and hardware styles for a classic look.

Bright and bold paint and wallpaper may be the trend for bedrooms today, but that means your closet should compliment these colors with more natural elements. Natural wood, earth tones, and grays are the trend today that can showcase your style. Whether the wood is cherry, salt oak, or espresso, it will make a statement of elegance.

If you do not want to spend the extra money on wood, laminate can give a similar classic look at an inexpensive price. Laminate is durable, high-quality, and is available in a variety of finishes so that it can be nearly any color you would like to give your closet the same minimalist, clean, sophisticated, and classy look of wood.

In addition to having a contrast of bold colors in the bedroom and neutral colors in the closet, you could also mix wooden textures to further develop this understated, yet sophisticated, look. For example, a textured wood cabinet or drawer would present a simple yet noticeable contrast to a smooth, dark, wooden wall. Speaking of shelving…

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Built-in Shelving and Storage Spaces

One of the most popular closet trends is built-in shelving and storage space, which can also intensify a feeling of luxury while also keeping a clean, minimalist look. Adding storage in your closet will also clean up your bedroom since you may no longer need large dressers or armoires to keep clothes in when you can store them in the closet.

Large walk-in closets have become popular over time. Even if you have a smaller closet, you can make a statement with color, add shelving and storage, use lighting for accent, and even turn your closet into a “woman’s cave.” The right trend just depends on your storage and organizational needs as well as your personal taste.

Built-in storage does not just have to be for clothing. Sure you will want the basic shelves and cubbies so you can store sweaters, t-shirts, and shoes, but maybe you should also consider some unique storing options that will help keep your life organized, your bedroom clean, while also giving your closet a distinctive, interesting look:

  • Built-in drawers for accessories like jewelry, hair ties, and other personal items
  • Hat and purse storage
  • Hidden hampers for dirty clothes
  • A folding station for clean laundry
  • A built-in safe
  • Adjustable storage for growing children and their ever-changing items

Two popular closet trends in shelving are wire and adjustable shelving options. Wire shelving is more budget-friendly and can offer increased storage and organization at an affordable price. You can use wiring to hang shelves for smaller items like shoes or larger stacks of clothing and linens. Rod wire is durable to hold heavier items.

If you have a larger budget to spend, you can have adjustable shelving built into the closet design. This has actually become popular with children’s closets because their closets are ever changing along with the growth of the child. As a child gets older, clothes get bigger, so you can simply raise the height of the shelves for storage needs.

Add Storage and Function in Another Closet Area

Another closet trend is not for the closet itself, but instead turning another room in your home into a closet. This trend helps maximize space that is available in places you may never even thought of, such as a linen closet, garage, or area in the basement. Some designers are even converting attics into walk-in closet areas for space.

You could also take this storage and shelving ideas into another area of your home, such as a linen closet. This will be further storage for shoe racks, drawers, and moveable or adjustable shelves for more than just the standard towels, pillowcases, and sheets. Cabinets can organize bathroom toiletries along with personal favorites.

Other areas can mirror this trend of storage, such as a garage or basement, so that you can easily swap out seasonal items. During the summer, your winter clothing can be stored in another closet area so that it is easy to find, but does not take up space when the clothing is not needed. You can also store seasonal items like boots and coats.

Converting an area of your home into a second closet is a fantastic way to make the most out of underused or unused space. We all have an area of our garage or basement that could be transformed, a linen closet that does not maximize space, or even an attic that is otherwise invisible. Turning them into closets is easy and fun.

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Add Lighting for Beauty and Design

Good lighting does not just help you see what is in the closet, but also adds ambiance, mood, aesthetics, and character to the overall design. If you have a walk-in closet, do not rely on just one light source. Most closets do not have natural lighting from windows, so the proper lighting has become a common trend so that you can retrieve your items.

LED lighting can be placed on a hanging rod along the sides of the closet or used in the shelving and hanging sections for a beautiful look. Other lighting fixtures in lieu of a basic bulb can incorporate both beauty and effectiveness to help showcase your best items and find things much easier day or night. However, lighting can be expensive.

If LED lighting costs too much to install, there are battery-operated options that are budget friendly, can be placed anywhere you would like to highlight items, attached to the closet wall, and then be moved when necessary. That way, you can highlight your shoe stacks, brighten up a floor to ceiling mirror, or add light to darkened drawers.

If money is not an issue, you can even add a skylight to the top of your closet for natural light, but something extravagant is not needed to incorporate this trend. Just try thinking outside the box when it comes to lighting. You should not just stop with a ceiling light, as built-in or attached lighting comes in a variety of looks and styles for beauty.

Use Light to Put Your Items on Display

Why not put your jewelry, sunglasses, purses, belts, and ties on display instead of hiding them in drawers? Lighting is the perfect feature to display your most coveted accessories so that they are easy to find and also display beautifully. This could be especially beneficial for collections you may have, such as multiple, expensive purses.

Organizing and highlighting accessories can take your closet aesthetic to the next level. For example, sneaker collecting has become a popular pastime. If this is your hobby, you can display your most coveted sneakers with track or LED lighting and show off your longed for and impressive collection. A comprehensive list includes:

  • Sneakers and shoes
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Ties
  • Jewelry
  • Purses
  • Wallets
  • Sunglasses

By using the proper lighting to highlight any of the items above, you are now adding an artistic flair to your closet, creating a more custom and personalized design, while also making your most coveted items that much easier to see and find. You can also flaunt these areas on social media to illustrate the creativity of your closet design.

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Add Glam with Upscale Hardware and Doors

One of the most popular trends in closet design today is adding unique and trendy hardware and doors. For example, gold, silver, and brass have become quite popular recently and can add a mixture of a luxurious and classic touch. Handles, knobs, rods, racks, and brackets add an accent and pop that the standard white does not enhance.

Gold accessories in particular have become one of the most common trends in closet design and can give your closet a lavish feel for an inexpensive price. They do not need a professional to install and can be purchased at the large home improvement chains or the smaller mom-and-pop stores. Closets usually include a lot of hardware:

  • Drawer handles and knobs
  • Holding rods and racks
  • Accent brackets and hinges
  • Door knobs

Whether you choose gold, silver, brass, brushed nickel or even blown glass, adding glam through fixtures is an easy trend to add a luxurious style to your closet. Once you have upgraded the hardware, you can add a new, stylish door to your closet for further “glam.” A textured door with a unique finish adds a modern and bold look to the room.

Another door trend for closets is glamming up your room with glass cabinets and front doors. Glass cabinets not only protect your delicate items from humidity and dust but also add a fresh and modern look to the closet. You can also get a matching, stylish glass door front. Stylish glass doors can inexpensively give a completely new look.

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Unique Built-in Features is a Trend in Itself

Transforming a closet has become a trend within itself, starting with built-in seating. A cozy reading niche, a make-up and hair corner, or even a window-side nook are all trends that add character to the closet while also saving space in your bedroom. Now these ideas are not cheap, but can definitely add character and fun to a bland closet.

Built-in sitting areas are ideal for large or small closets and a common trend in closet design. This is where color design also comes in, as you can add a sitting area that is a bright color to complement the neutral, wooden tones of the walls. You can also build a laundry basket so you can get dressed, put on makeup, and also use the hamper.

For further efficiency, why not actually build in the hamper for dirty clothes, an area for folding clean clothes, and then hanging up those clothes right away instead of having them sit in a pile in your bedroom. Some newer homes even connect the washer and dryer to the closet itself for further efficiency and productivity in trendy closet design.

Finally, a popular trend in closet design is turning a basic closet into a “woman’s cave.” This brings all the trends discussed together—seating for reading or relaxing, lighting to display shoes, jewelry and purses, and even a built-in wine fridge to relax after a long day or simply to have some refreshments while getting ready for a night out.


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